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Abri Care

& Community Supports


Attentive Care Partners LLC

now known as


Believes Every Human-Being Has The Right To Maintain A Life of Dignity According To Their Individual Preferences

We assist people who require support in achieving and maintaining a life of dignity as they define it for themselves.

About Us

Attentive Care Partners LLC was founded in 2010 with the objective of supporting clinicians and care providers who were pursuing entrepreneurial ventures by helping them navigate the administrative and regulatory complexities of licensure, inspection, accreditation, and contracting.

Today, in addition to supporting health care entrepreneurs as consultants, Attentive Care Partners has expanded to include Abri Care & Community Supports as a provider organization delivering direct care for seniors and for people with disabilities. Direct care services include home and community-based care, individual supports, employment supports, transportation, and community residences.

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Our Services

Individual Supports

Individual Supports are services that provide direct support and assistance for individuals in or out of the individual's residence. Individual Supports encompass everything from providing assistance in basic self-care include to assisting with engagement in community-based activities and developing social skills.

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Community-Based Supports

Community-Based Supports include services that provide direct support and assistance for individuals to achieve and/or maintain independence, productivity, enhanced family functioning, and inclusion in the community.​

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Behavioral Supports

Abri Care & Community Supports is developing comprehensive behavioral support services for adults with developmental disabilities.

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Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion services support and assist individuals in educational, enrichment or recreational activities that enhance his/her inclusion in the community. Community Inclusion Services are delivered in a group setting. ​

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Natural Supports Training

“Natural Support” refers to any person, family member, neighbor, friend, companion, or co-worker who provides uncompensated care, training, guidance, companionship or support for an adult with intellectual and developmental disability.


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Supported Employment

Supported Employment services assist individuals fulfill their employment aspirations and achieve social and economic inclusion through employment




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Care and supports services provided as respite under the New Jersey Division of Development Disabilities Community Care Program and Supports Program includes many options and may be provided in or out of the individual’s home.

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Community Residences – Coming Soon

Abri Care & Community Supports is currently developing community residences in  northern, central and southern New Jersey.  Community Residences are also commonly call “Group Homes.” Please check this site again soon for an update.  


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