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Our staff undergo a rigorous screening process prior to employment. We provide a thorough and comprehensive orientation, which includes specialized training in working with individuals with disabilities, intense behavioral support needs, and complex medical care needs.  Our staff receive ongoing training and professional development to further enhance their skills and competence.


Attentive Care Partners helps individuals obtain and maintain jobs.

Our individualized services include:

  ·   Job Development

  ·   Jobsite Analysis and Discovery

  ·   Training and Systematic Instruction

  ·   Job Coaching

  ·   Benefit Support/Benefit Planning

  ·   Travel Training

  ·   All other training and workplace support services that 

      enable the individual to be successful

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Attentive Care Partners supports small group employment. Our small group employment supports include:

   ·  Mobile crews / crew labor

   ·  Group placement (enclaves)

   ·  Social enterprises in which employees are

      making at least minimum wage

   ·  On-site job training

   ·  Job development

   ·  Job site analysis

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Attentive Care Partners is enhancing LIFE in the Community by providing supported employment to assist adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve and maintain a life of dignity as they define it for themselves. Contact us to learn more.

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Attentive Care Partners believes that all individuals with a developmental disability can fulfill their employment aspirations and achieve social and economic inclusion through employment opportunities. Individuals with developmental disabilities are entitled to “Real Jobs for Real Pay” -- the same competitive wages, work conditions, and career development as their co-workers.

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