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Community Inclusion


Attentive Care Partners provides community inclusion services that support and assist individuals in educational, enrichment or recreational activities that enhance his/her inclusion in the community. Community Inclusion Services are delivered in a group setting.


Some examples of Community Inclusion Services Activities:

  • Small group outings to community festivals, museums, book clubs, theater groups, cultural events, holiday celebrations, sporting events, etc.

  • Small group leisure activities in the community

  •  Small group educational activities in the community


*Please note that examples are not all inclusive of everything that can be funded  through this service

Our staff undergo a rigorous screening process prior to employment. We provide a thorough and

comprehensive orientation, which includes specialized training in working with individuals with disabilities,

intense behavioral support needs, and complex medical care needs.  Our staff receive ongoing training and professional development to further enhance their skills and competence.


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Attentive Care Partners is enhancing LIFE in the Community by providing community inclusion to assist adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve and maintain a life of dignity as they define it for themselves. Contact us to learn more.

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